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Andargachew Tsgie Before the T-TPLF Inquisition?

By al mariam

Andy Tsgie

“Cirque d’Andargachew” presented by the Ringling T-TPLF Brothers

Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet) is often credited with the observation that one should “judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

Voltaire also wisely observed, “All murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” How true! The late Meles Zenawi and the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) have murdered thousands of people in Ethiopia and gotten away to the merry trumpets of their Western bankrollers.

Last week, the T-TPLF released a 10-minute and 31-second amateurishly stitched video of “answers” given by Andargachew Tsigie  to unstated questions put to him by a faceless  interrogator(s), and expressly invited viewers to render a “judgment of conscience”.

In July 2014, the T-TPLF successfully plotted with the Yemeni regime to arrange the extraordinary rendition (kidnapping) of Andargachew Tsigie, who is the General Secretary of the Ethiopian opposition group known as Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. In 2009 and 2012, the T-TPLF tried Andargachew in absentia on trumped up terrorism charges in kangaroo (monkey) court proceedings and sentenced him to death.

I condemned Andargachew’s outrageous and illegal abduction in Yemen in mycommentary entitled, “Ethiopia: The Crime of Extraordinary Rendition”.    

Andy Tsgie

Andargachew is a British national of Ethiopian origin.  It is a shame he is a British national in name only. The British Government has done absolutely nothing to secure his release or to ensure that he is not subjected to abuse and mistreatment at the infamous  Meles Zenawi Prison.  For over six months, the British Government has been twiddling thumbs as Andargachew is trotted out for exhibition in the Ringling T-TPLF Brothers media circus freak show.

The British Government has completely failed in its obligations to protect Andargachew under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The British Government speaks with forked tongue on the issue of protection of its nationals who need assistance abroad. British officials say “provision of assistance by consular officials or diplomatic authorities to nationals in difficulty overseas” is their bedrock policy. They also say consular assistance is not a legal right to which UK nationals are entitled:  “The UK Government is under no general obligation under domestic or international law to provide consular assistance (or exercise diplomatic protection).”  They further claim consular intervention to protect their nationals abroad facing or likely to face torture is an integral to the British Government’s anti-torture strategy. The English aristocrat, writer, poet and soldier Sir Walter Raleigh aptly remarked, “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”

The British Foreign Office knows Andargachew has been sentenced to death twice in the T-TPLF’s kangaroo (monkey) courts and highly likely to face torture. All it has done so far is express regrets and issue fuzzy and equivocal statements about making “consistent requests for information from the Yemeni authorities”, complain about the “the lack of any notification of his detention in contravention of the Vienna convention” and express “our concerns about the death penalty that Mr. Tsige could face in Ethiopia.” According to one report, “Mr. Simmonds (Africa Minister) expressed deep concern that the Ethiopian authorities had not allowed consular access.”

“Whoopty freaking doo!”, as Yankees like to say. Big deal! Nice display of Crocodile tears by the British Foreign Office. I (don’t) wonder if there is a double standard in the protection of British citizens facing torture based on whether they are first class or second-class citizens. Let me cut to the chase.What has the British Government done to secure the rights or release of one of its second class citizens abused by thugs in Ethiopia?  Bloody ‘ell, nothing!

Anyway, back to the T-TPLF and its media Cirque d’Andargachew.

I accepted the explicit invitation extended in the T-TPLF video to “render a judgment of conscience” on Andargachew. (I am aware of the irony of the conscienceless asking for a judgment of conscience.) But how do I even begin to judge Andargachew based exclusively on “answers” he gave to a faceless interrogator and unstated questions at an unknown place and time!?

It was during the Spanish (Medieval) Inquisition that a man accused of heresy was judged exclusively by his answers. (Of course, the Nazis judged a man exclusively by his answers in their show trials (Schauprozess) as did the Soviets during the Stalin purges.)  In my view, what the T-TPLF has done to Andargachew in the 10-minute 31-second video recording closely resembles the medieval inquisitions.  The Inquisition sought only one right answer to a thousand different questions put to heretics and others, “I have converted!”

The inquisitorial process began with an invitation to suspects to denounce themselves if they feared they had been heretical and also to denounce others whom they suspected to be heretics. That was often followed by an official “denunciation” (accusation) and prolonged investigation while the suspect remained in preventive custodial detention.  The inquisition proceedings were conducted secretly. The accused was either never given formal notice of the charges or given notice of the charges years after their detention. Suspected heretics remained in detention isolated and cut off from family and friends during the period of “denunciation” and investigation. The procedural rule in an Inquisition trial permitted admission of “confessions obtained by torture as validly made by the confessor’s free will” (the legal doctrine was “confessionem esse veram, non factam vi tormentorum”). An auto-da-fé  (“act of faith”) was the ritual of public penance of condemned heretics and apostates in the Inquisition, followed by the execution of the sentence imposed.

Is the T-TPLF’s video recording of Andargachew Tsigie “testimony” (“answers”) an exhibition of his self-denunciation and denunciation of his colleagues and others? Is the video “testimony” the T-TPLF’s equivalent of its own “denunciation” of Andargachew?  Is the video recording an evidentiary record of the proceedings of the T-TPLF Inquisition “trial” of Andargachew?  Are we being invited to “judge” Andargachew in the “court of our conscience” based on his video “testimony” given at a secret T-TPLF kangaroo (monkey) court trial?  Is the video recording supposed to be evidence of Andargachew’s public conversion to the T-TPLF creed of thugism? Is the video Andargachew’s auto-da-fe confessing, “I have converted to T-TPLF thugism”? Or is the video a recording of Andargachew’s final declaration and testament before the T-TPLF imposes the death sentence it had pronounced on him twice before?

Why is Andargachew being held incommunicado cut off completely from family and friends? Is he held in secret in prolonged detention without being  given notice of charges against him to show he is a heretic from the true faith of revolutionary democracy (whatever that means), or as I have  previously described it, abandonment of the the benighted path of “Melesismo”?

Article 21 (2) of the Ethiopian Constitution guarantees: “Any person in custody or a convicted prisoner shall have the right to communicate with and be visited by spouse(s), close relatives and friends, medical attendants, religious and legal counselors.” Why is Andargachew denied his constitutional rights by the T-TPLF?

Andargachew continues to be held incommunicado and without due process of law. As the stitched video shows, he has been interrogated on at least 5 different occasions for an unknown period of time. Indeed, the amateurish video is so poorly cut and spliced, it is impossible to tell how many interrogations yielded the mangled 10-minute 31-second video.

There is no question that all of Andargachew’s video interrogations were conducted under duress. He was by no means  answering questions over afternoon tea and cakes.  Any questioning of a suspect or defendant in custody by police or prosecutorial authorities is an interrogation. Any answers given, particularly if they are self-incriminatory, are  admissions or confessions which could be used against the person at trial.  Article 19 (5) of the Ethiopian Constitution protects against coerced official interrogation.  “Everyone shall have the right not to be forced to make any confessions or admissions of any evidence that may be brought against him during the trial.” Are the video recordings of Andargachew’s “confessions” prepared for his “trial” in kangaroo (monkey) court?

The video recording in which Andargachew is giving “answers” is made while Andargachew is held in custodial interrogation, incommunicado (totally isolated from family, friends and legal counsel) and without the presence of his legal counsel. Therefore, his “answers” are in fact and presumptively deemed to be the product of coercion. The fact that all suspects accused of “terrorism” by the T-TPLF have been denied the right to counsel and other constitutional rights during interrogations and subjected to physical and psychological torture is further evidence that Andargachew’s interrogation is coerced. (See my commentary, “The Crime of Extraordinary Rendition”.)

What is the ultimate “conscience of judgment” we are asked to render after viewing the video? Burn Andargachew at the stake!?

Judging Andargachew by his “answers” in a 10-minute 31-second stitched video

I am totally at a loss trying to figure out the purpose(s)  of the 10-minute patched video of “answers” given by Andargachew, or the motives underlying its release. Is it intended to show Andargachew is not a “man of steel”, that he melted under withering interrogation in the T-TPLF’s torture chambers? Is it intended to show he has been rehabilitated and re-educated in the T-TPLF torture chambers and that he is now ready to join the Thug Brotherhood?  Show Ginbot 7 is a weak organization without strong or capable leadership and substantial public support? Show Andargachew’s hypocrisy, that he really does not “believe in armed struggle” but does believe in peaceful struggle and maybe an olive branch could be extended to him and his organization?  Show his heresy from his true cause and that has no confidence in his own organization or colleagues? Show that he has contempt for other opposition leaders and organizations and even individuals? Show he has deep reverence for certain T-TPLF leaders and the T-TPLF itself? Show that he is a bad, immoral and wicked man who should not be trusted?  Show Andargachew could be regarded as a reasonable man because he “answered” the questions the “right way” and “truthfully”?

For crying out loud, could someone tell me what the hell is the point of the 10-minute 31-second video!?!

It is manifest that the 10-minute 31-second video is stitched from video segments taken on at least five different occasions. Alternatively, some of the video segments were selectively cut and spliced from one or more extended  interrogations.  The editing and cutting and splicing of the video is so bad and atrocious that some of the “answers” Andargachew gives do not even make grammatical sense let alone attest to his political beliefs and analysis of specific issues. It is also manifest that the various video segments are stitched together to give the false and misleading impression of a whole uninterrupted video recording depicting the type of person Andargachew actually is.

I invite those who released the 10-minute 31-second video to post the complete video interrogations of Andaragachew for a verdict in the court of public opinion.

The first segment of Andargachew’s video “answers” begins 20 seconds into the 10 minute 31 second video. In that segment, Andargachew is wearing what appears to be a double-sided Navy blue athletic jacket with a white collar and a single white stripe down the arms with a green undershirt with white zippers to the collar. He appears to be sitting on a chair against a whitewashed background. (It appears the interrogators took lessons from my previous analysis of their interrogation settings and sought to completely eliminate any trace of the place and time of interrogation in Andargachew’s case. They should know that by trying so hard to conceal everything, they actually reveal a whole lot. More on that later.)  There is an unopened plastic water bottle to his right on the interrogation table. This segment appears to be cut and spliced at 30, 41, 55 seconds,… 2 minutes 3 seconds and so on. They have literally chopped the original full length video so badly that one could make sense of Andargachew’s “answers” only by digitally reconstructing the images and synchronizing  the audio with the lip movement using criminal video forensic techniques.

The second segment begins at 4 minutes and 29 seconds. Andargachew is wearing what appears to be the same jacket as in the first segment but with a lighter blue T-shirt with white trim around the neck. There appears to be a silver colored electronic device partial visible on the interrogation table to his right side. This segment is also cut and spliced badly several times.

The third segment begins at 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Andargachew is wearing what appears to be a black Adidas athletic apparel with triple white stripes on the arms. The video is taken in tight shot against a white background. The interrogation table is barely visible. It has also been cut and spliced several times from a longer interrogation.

The fourth segment begins at 8 minutes and 33 seconds. Andargachew is wearing what appears to be the same blue jacket as in segments 1 and 2. It is not clear if segment 3 is a continuation of segments 1 and 2 and cut and spliced for theatrical effect to exaggerate his responses. It is also likely the video editors and those who directed the production have no idea what they were doing in this segment. (They need to take courses in propaganda film-making or something.)

The fifth segment begins at 9 minutes and 36 seconds. Andargachew is wearing what appears to be the same apparel in segments 1 and 2. The fifth segment is also cut and spliced from a longer video at different points.

The public is invited to render a “judgment of conscience” on Andargachew based on snippets and sound bites from an amateurishly stitched, cut and spliced video that was recorded at an unknown time and place before unknown persons. His “answers” are questionless.  The “answers” are edited, cut and spliced together to reveal only the portions the interrogators believed would put Andargachew in a very bad light to the viewer. Across the five video segments, Andargachew’s answers are selected to make him look apologetic, regretful, uncertain, condemnatory of his life before abduction, accusatory of his colleagues and organization, weak, unintelligent, disoriented, subdued, repentant, ashamed, contrite, mournful, crestfallen, flustered, mortified, inane, witless and on and on and on. It is on such video recorded “answers” that the T-TPLF is asking the viewer to render a “judgment of conscience” on Andargachew. Nonetheless,  I accept the invitation to render a “judgment of conscience” on Andargachew!

The trial of Andargachew Tsigie in my “court of conscience”

I hereby render my “judgment of conscience” on Andargachew Tsigie based on a representative sample of “answers” he “gave” in the 10-minute 31-second T-TPLF video. I do not doubt that my readers will judge me to be a kangaroo (monkey) court judge after you read my verdict below. In my defense, I declare that I am at least an honest and fair kangaroo (monkey) court judge.

For the record, I am rendering my “judgment of conscience” on Andargachew’s interrogation with the following disclosures and stipulations.  I am “judging”  Andargachew  on the basis of an amateurish, cut, spliced and stitched video with extremely poor quality audio.  I do not have a clue about the questions to which he is giving “answers”.  I have no idea if he gave “answers” with knowledge that his “answers” will be presented to the public for a “judgment of conscience”? I do not know if he is aware that his “answers” will be chopped up and randomly cut and spliced for public presentation to make him look bad. I do not know if he is repeating “answers” that he was given to him in advance by his interrogator(s).

I judge Andargachew without any clue about his state of mind or body. I do not know if he was drugged or subjected to mind altering substances by his interrogators before he was coerced to give his “answers”. I “judge” him without knowledge (but strong suspicion) that he has been physically or psychologically tortured or subjected to abuse and treatment into giving his “answers”. I have no clue if he had been sleep deprived before he gave his “answers” or denied food or water. (In segment 1 of the video, there is an unopened plastic water bottle.  Was that his reward at the end of the interrogation if he gave all the right “answers” or just a stage prop?) He is shown wearing dark athletic apparels in the video segments and only his face is shown. Could it be that he is clothed in such a manner to conceal any physical marks on his body?

I am “judging” Andargachew based on incomplete and manifestly doctored “answers” to unstated questions. I am “judging” him by jumping to conclusions without any knowledge of what he said or did not say in the various full interrogations. I am “judging” him without any knowledge of the places and times of his interrogation, the identity of his interrogators, the number and types of specific questions he was, whether his “answers” were responsive to specific questions, and the identity of the officials who gave the order to interrogate him and their motives for releasing it to the public soliciting a “judgment of conscience”. I am “judging” Andargachew without knowing if he is responding to one or multiple interrogators? (Looking at his rapidly shifting eye movements across the room in the various segments, it is evident that he is trying to address several persons in the interrogation room.) I am judging him based on snippets of words he spoke taken completely out of context.

So, here goes my verdict on Andargachew’s questionless answers given on Planet Thugistan.

Andargachew “testified”:  “In the past, it was the most brilliant students who got involved in politics. If I listed the names of those who died [in the political struggle] you will be shocked.”

This is a true statement. Many brilliant, idealistic and patriotic young people died at the hands of the military junta in the 1970s. Other organizations used the young people as cannon fodder to advance their own political ambitions. I knew a few of them. History will remember them one day as the best and brightest of their generation.

Andargachew: “[Young people these days] if they get their degree and a little opportunity, they will go abroad to live. They will get a job and continue with their lives. They don’t even think like they want to stay and survive in the country. They don’t think that way…”

That is an undeniable truth. Let’s be honest. What young person in Ethiopia would not want to go to a place where s/he can be free to pursue his/her dreams? Is there a young person alive in Ethiopia who would choose to live under the rule of a bunch of ignorant and corrupt bush thugs?

Andargachew: “[Ginbot 7] has looked at the youth in many ways. Young people believe in peaceful politics and they don’t believe in dying as in the old era of the EPRP. That’s long gone… Young people say, ‘We will express ourselves, go out and protest. Nothing will happen to us. This is a different era.’

This “answer” in segment 1 of the video is so badly cut and spliced that it is hard to understand the young people to which  Andargachew is referring. If I understand the “answer” correctly, it is true that young Ethiopians want peaceful change. They want change in barrels of love and knowledge, in barrels of ignorance or out of the muzzle of AK-47s. I do not know of a single young Ethiopian who would knowingly and intelligently choose war over peace, strife over harmony and enmity over amity.

Andargachew: “Ginbot 7 has serious problems. There were problems we did not see that we were forced to see… We have not been able to do what we consider to be core activities…”

It seems like a credible statement to me. I have no personal knowledge of the internal functions and processes of Ginbot 7, but it seems from Andargachew’s “answer” reflects the same problems every other Ethiopian opposition group is having today. Ho-hum!

Andargachew: “I have a question on how Ethiopian opposition groups can function in politics.  When the opposition does not know with transparency what the state is doing, I don’t know how they can prepare to work or come up with a manifesto or make election promises. The onus on transparency is on the state.  That is my belief. First, the opposition is fractured. Second, they should get together to accept this this big responsibility and work together…. There are certain highly individualistic values… One of the greatest problems is for groups to get together and work for a common purpose… I have never seen them write an economic policy. What is their economic policy?… I don’t believe in the idea that a thousand people could get together and make a political party… or five people form a party to struggle for power… Some of the opposition groups have 20 people when they have a meeting, the EPRP, Shengo, etc. They become 23 or 24 when our people are added to them… They are splintered and without unity of purpose… ”

This “answer” in segment 3 of the video is so badly cut and spliced, it is hard to understand exactly what Andargachew is saying about the nature of opposition politics. However, it is undeniable that the Ethiopian opposition is fractured, fragmented and unable to come together and present a unified front to the T-TPLF. It is self-evident that Ethiopian opposition groups are without their own clear and articulated programs or manifesto to deal with the country’s problems. I have been complaining about this very issue for years. Nearly five years ago, I proposed the establishment of a think tank to help opposition groups develop a unified political agenda and programs. (See my Huffington Post commentary, “Speaking Truth to the Truth Seekers”.) I have not had a single taker on my proposal!

Andargachew’s very last answer on the video: “There are a number of things that I have appreciated [abput my incarceration]. When I came, I had my T-Shirt and the pants I was wearing. In terms of food, I am in a situation where [my jailors] have been instructed to provide me any kind of food that I choose [avoiding sugary foods]. After I came here, I have become very healthy. I am in a perfectly comfortable situation where I experience no discomfort whatsoever. I walk and move around and I have lost all of the fat and become slim and trim.

I cannot judge the cuisine of extended stay “Burj Al Meles Zenawi” hotel. But there is something fishy about the lovey- dovey care Andargachew is getting at the Meles Zenawi Prison. We have been told by the T-TPLF that Andargachew is  the most “dangerous terrorist” ever. That is why he was given two death sentences, one in 2009 and another in 2012. In fact, he is so dangerous that he is the only person for whom the T-TPLF went to extreme lengths to make special  arrangements  for his extraordinary rendition.  Following his abduction in Yemen in July 2014, the T-TPLF described Andargachew in language befitting Osama bin Laden?

Why would the T-TPLF give the “Osama bin Laden of Ethiopia” the royal treatment???

If Andargachew is getting such royal treatment, how come he does not flick a single smile in the entire 10-minute and 31 second video?

I have seen the Andargachew movie (video) before

I have seen the T-TPLF do many ignorant, ill-advised, short-sighted, ludicrous, foolish and plain dumb stuff over the years. I watched in amazement when the T-TPLF put on national television a video recording demonizing  peaceful Muslim protestors as “terrorists”. In two pitiful and amateurish video “documentaries”, the T-TPLF tried to paint Ethiopian Muslims as fundamentalist fanatics. In two commentaries (Ethiopia: Land of Blood or Land of Corruption?” December 2011 and “Ethiopia: The Politics of Fear and Smear” February 2013), I fully defended the rights of Ethiopian Muslims to be free from official interference, manipulation and regulation.

I saw the T-TPLF trying to tear Emperor Menelik II to pieces just to build up the late Meles Zenawi. I demonstrated in my commentary “Demonizing Ethiopian History” that when it comes to gravitas (seriousness and solemnity), pietas (duty, loyalty),  dignitas (dignity and charisma) and virtus (valor, character, courage), Meles had nothin’ on Menelik. Meles and his crew are literally in the bush leagues (third-rate, small-time) compared to Menelik. I don’t need to prove Menelik was in the Big League.  See the New York Times report of November 7, 1909.

I have also seen the T-TPLF doing all kinds of silly, childish and mindless stuff over the years to humiliate Ethiopian opposition leaders, human rights activists and others. A few years ago, they secretly recorded the great Ethiopian stage and screen actor Debebe Eshetu in detention in exactly the same way as Andargachew and released the video. The public was invited to render a “judgment of conscience” on Artist Debebe.  I rendered judgment after viewing that trashy video. My judgment is that I have the greatest admiration and respect for Artist Debebe not only for his unrivaled thespian skills but also as a human rights advocate. I know Debebe Eshetu is a dedicated human rights defender.

The T-TPLF pulled the same exact stunt with Abubaker Ahmed, the Ethiopian Muslim human rights advocate, and others.

There is nothing new in what the T-TPLF is doing to Andargachew. It is the same old crap on a different day and with a different victim! It must be hell to have no imagination!

I am dumbfounded by T-TPLF’s invitation to have Ethiopians judge Andargachew ONLY by listening to his “answers” in a stitched videos recorded over an undetermined period of time and unspecified location. What were they thinking? (That is a dumb question. They don’t!)  Who authorized the release of such a trashy piece of video? (Another dumb question.) Suffice it to say that the T-TPLF’s contempt for our intelligence is surpassed only by our total contempt for their ignorance, idiocy and stupidity. They want us to judge a man ONLY by his answers! Such is life on Planet Thugistan!

“Judging ” Andargachew by his “answers” but not his words

Andargachew’s interrogators tried to conceal the identity of his interrogators, the place and times of his interrogation and released a distorted and manipulated video recording of his “answers” to humiliate him with maximum theatrical effect. But there were “answers” within the “answers” he gave to his interrogators that told a very different story.

Expert forensic video analysis reveals quite a bit. Scanning Andargachew’s gestures in clusters, examining his body movement and position in the video segments reveals much useful information. Suffice it to say that there are many “inconsistencies” in the video “answers” released by the T-TPLF.  The T-TPLF video shows Andargachew fiddling with his fingers, making uncharacteristic wild gestures, flailing his hands in the air and his head bobbing and weaving, among other things. Scanning Andargachew’s gestures in clusters and comparing them to other known exemplars of previous video recording of his interviews and public speeches, it is clear that his entire presentation on the T-TPLF is demonstrably unnatural for him.

Examination of his body positioning, movement and posture in the various segments of the T-TPLF video reveal distinct signs that he was under extreme stress and undergoing anxiety when he gave his “answers”. Specific “answers” registered high for stress. His facial expressions (and lack thereof) vary dramatically from apparent stress emanating at  least partially from facing his interrogator(s) who likely were looking at him intently possibly evincing a demeanor of contempt or hostility. He makes a number of exaggerated postures and movements in his sitting position at the table (including stiffness and immobility) that are unnatural to him suggesting a high degree of physical and psychological discomfort.

Voice stress analysis of his “answers” suggest he was not making the statements voluntarily and that the content of his “answers” are highly dubious at best. It also suggests that his “answers” are not spontaneous but likely prepared in advance and possibly coached. His statements that he is getting the royal treatment at the “Burj Al Meles Zenawi” hotel is not only incredible but seems coached, unnecessarily over-the-top and ludicrously melodramatic.

The tone and pitch of his voice and inflection of certain words and phrases indicated stress which diminished with statements that appeared to please the interrogators.  There are also distinct patterns showing his “answers” lagging behind his physical gestures suggesting discernable incongruity of speech and body movement.

It is possible to infer from the patched video as a whole that Andargachew’s “answers” show that he was subjected to a stressful situation. His responses to specific answers suggest anxiety, uncertainty, hesitancy, fear, anger and even boredom.

Is it possible that Andargachew is acting or play-acting in the T-TPLF video. Is he “answering” to sound believable without believing in the “answers”? I know the answer to these questions, but I will let my readers render their own “judgment of conscience”.

I am hopeful that the T-TPLF will include some of the foregoing elementary principles of “Video Forensic 101” in their next production of a video of questionless answers for the public’s “judgment of conscience”.

Is Andargachew a victim of Stockholm Syndrome?

Expert forensic video analysis also suggests that Andargachew may have been a victim of the so-called Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon which occurs when a captive or hostage identifies with his captor. Such a victim often expresses empathy and sympathy to his/her captor and manifest certain positive and warm feelings toward their captors to the point of defending them. The victims equate lack of abuse and simple gestures as acts of kindness and decency. The very last “answer” Andargachew gives in the video strongly suggests that he may be undergoing a phase in the Stockholm Syndrome.

Let the media circus continue…

Let the media circus continue on the three-ring stages of the Ringling T-TPLF Brothers. Put on Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu and Woubshet Taye on Ring 1. Andualem Aragie on Ring 2. Bekele Gerba, Abubaker Ahmed on Ring 3.

I have rendered my “judgment of conscience” in the Inquisition of Andargachew Tsigie. I ask all my readers to do the same. Before rendering a verdict, I ask my readers to answer one question: Are you going to believe Andargachew’s tortured words or his tortured body language?

With special thanks to colleagues in the field of forensic video analysis for support in digital multimedia evidence processing. Muchas gracias a mis amigos!

Today marks 6 months since Ethiopian opposition leader was kidnapped at Yemen international airport

Amnesty International


‘I appeal to the UK to not forget Andy and to make every effort to ensure his safety’ – partner of Andargachew Tsege

Amnesty International today urged the British government to step up efforts to ensure the safety of Andargachew Tsege, a British national held in secret detention nearly six months on since he was rendered to Ethiopia.

Mr Tsege, a British national of Ethiopian origin who is Secretary General of the outlawed Ethiopian opposition group Ginbot 7, disappeared at Sana’a airport in Yemen on 23 June while he was travelling to Eritrea. He had previously been tried in absentia in Ethiopia and sentenced to death for involvement in an alleged coup attempt.

Six months later he is still in secret detention and the Ethiopian government refuses to reveal his whereabouts – he has no access to lawyers or family members.

Amnesty is extremely concerned that Tsege – who is a father of three living in London – is at risk of torture, as political detainees in Ethiopia are frequently tortured in order to extract information and “confessions”. Since his apprehension in June, the UK has been granted just one consular visit on 11 August, during which Tsege was brought hooded to a meeting with the British Ambassador and was not permitted to speak to him privately.

Andargachew Tsege’s partner Yemsrach Hailemariam spoke of her anguish at not having more assurance of his safety. Ms Hailemariam said:

“It’s agony not to be able to visit Andy or find out how he’s doing. It’s nearly six months since Andy was detained. We’re outraged that the UK government has only been able to get one consular visit in that time. Given the close relations between Ethiopia and the UK I would have expected much more. I appeal to the UK to not forget Andy and to make every effort to ensure his safety.”

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

“The British government must do more for Andargachew Tsege.
“He’s a British national and the government is obliged to make every effort to ensure that he is not subjected to torture or other ill-treatment, and that he is granted access to his family and a lawyer.

“The British government have long remained tight-lipped about the disastrous state of human rights in Ethiopia and it’s time they spoke out.”

Repression in Ethiopia
Arbitrary detention like Tsege’s is widespread in Ethiopia and torture is rampant in Ethiopia’s detention centres. Dissent is not tolerated, and opposition parties, protesters, students and countless others are subjected to harassment, arrest and enforced disappearance from the security services.

In October, Amnesty published a report highlighting that thousands of people from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group have been arrested in recent years because of their actual or suspected opposition to the government. These have been detained without charge, tortured, and in some cases killed. As Ethiopia prepares for general elections next May, Amnesty fears the Ethiopian authorities will increase both the scale and the brutality of its efforts to suppress dissent.

Kate Allen added:

“In the wake of the 2005 elections, nearly 200 people were gunned down in the streets of the capital while protesting against the election results. The 2010 elections took place in a context of intimidation, harassment and major restrictions on political freedoms. Since then the government has continued to take all possible measures to suppress opposition and dissent in the country. Meanwhile criticism from Ethiopia’s donors has been conspicuously absent. The international community should be urging the Ethiopian authorities to take immediate and crucial steps to remove their stranglehold on political space in the country ahead of May’s vote.”

Ginbot 7
Ginbot 7 is one of five organisations proscribed as terrorist organisations by the Ethiopian parliament in 2011. In 2012, Andargachew Tsege was prosecuted in absentia on terrorism charges (alongside journalist and prisoner of conscience Eskinder Nega, and others) and sentenced to life imprisonment. Previously, in 2009, he was convicted in absentia on charges related to an aborted coup attempt and was sentenced to death. He was also tried in absentia in the 2005-2007 trial of political opposition members, journalists, activists and others.

አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ እንዴት ተያዘ?

Keep reading books, but remember that a book is only a book, and you should learn to think for yourself. –Maxim Gorky

ከተስፋዬ ገብረአብ (Gadaa)


አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌን ለመጨረሻ ጊዜ ያየሁት የ2014 የፋሲካ በአል በዋለ ማግስት ነበር። ወደ ለንደን
መንገድ ስለነበረው ከተከዜ በረሃ ወደ አስመራ መጥቶ ሳለ ደወለልኝና ተገናኘን። ሳገኘው ታሞ ነበር። ከምግብ
ወይም ከውሃ ጋር የተያያዘ ቀላል ህመም እንደሆነ ነገረኝና ወደ ፋርማሲ ሄደን መድሃኒት ገዛን።

እየደወልኩ ስለ ጤንነቱ ስጠይቀው ቆየሁ። በሶስተኛው ቀን ተሲያት ላይ ይመስለኛል ወደ ቤቱ ብቅ
አልኩ። የግቢውን በር ገፍቼ ስገባ አንዳርጋቸው በሁለት እጆቹ ልሙጥ የባህር ድንጋዮችን ተሸክሞ ቁጭ ብድግ
እያለ ስፖርት ሲሰራ አገኘሁት። ማጅር ግንዱ በላብ ርሶአል። ግቢው ውስጥ ካለችው የብርቱካን ዛፍ ላይ
ያንጠለጠለውን ፎጣ አንስቶ ላቦቱን ማደራረቅ ያዘ።

በረንዳው ላይ ቁጭ ብለን ጥቂት ካወጋን በሁዋላ ለመሄድ ተነሳሁ። በዚህ ጊዜ ከሶስት ቀናት በሁዋላ ወደ
ለንደን ለመሄድ ትኬቱን እንደቆረጠ ገልፆልኝ በነጋታው ምሽት የራት ቆይታ እንድናደርግ ጠየቀኝ። ሁለታችንም
በጋራ የምናውቀውን ሰው ስም ጠቅሶም በራት ቆይታው ላይ እንደሚገኝ ጠቆመኝ። ተስማማሁና ቀጠሮ ያዝን።

በነጋታው በቀጠሮአችን መሰረት ተገናኘን። ምንም ልዩ ርእሰ ጉዳይ አልነበረንም። ስለ አካባቢያችን
ፖለቲካ ተጨዋወትን። ስለ ግንቦት 7 ህዝባዊ ሃይል አንስቶም ጥቂት ነገረን። በሰው ሃይልና በአንዳንድ አስፈላጊ
ተሽከርካሪዎች በመጠናከር ላይ መሆናቸውን፣ ወያኔ ያዳከመውን የኢትዮጵያዊነት ስሜት ለመመለስ የሚሰራው
የፖለቲካ ስራ ራሱን የቻለ ጊዜ የሚወስድ ስራ እንደሆነ፣ በጥቅሉ ግን ትግሉ ተስፋ እንዳለው ነበር ያጫወተን።
ሞራሉ ጥሩ ነበር። ተስፋ የመቁረጥ ዝንባሌ አላየሁበትም።

ራት እስኪቀርብ፣ “የጀሚላ እናት” በሚል ርእስ ካዘጋጀሁት (በወቅቱ ካልታተመ) መፅሃፍ አንድ ትረካ
አነበብኩላቸው። “የአዲሳባ ቀብር” የሚል ነበር። ትረካው ኮሜዲ አይነት ስለነበር እየሳቁ ነበር ያዳመጡኝ።
ከእኩለ ሌሊት በፊት መለያየታችን ትዝ ይለኛል። አንዳርጋቸው መኪና ስላልያዘ ቤቱ አድርሼው፣ “መልካም
መንገድ” ተመኝቼ ተሰናበትኩት።

ያቺ ምሽት ከአንዳርጋቸው ጋር የመጨረሻ የምተያይባት እለት ትሆናለች ብዬ ግን እንዴት ማሰብ ይቻላል?
አሁንም ቢሆን ለዘልአለሙ አንተያይም ብዬ አልደመደምኩም። ሌላው ቀርቶ ይህች መጣጥፍ እንኳ ካለበት ጉረኖ
ደርሳ ሊያነባት እንደሚችል ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ።

ስለነገ ማንም አያውቅም። መለስ ዜናዊ ከግርማ ወልደጊዮርጊስ ቀድሞ ይሞታል ብሎ ሊያስብና ሊገምት
የሚችል ማንም አልነበረም። ደካማና በቀላሉ ተሰባሪ የሆነች ነፍሳችን ከአስር ደቂቃ በሁዋላ ምን ሊገጥማት
እንደሚችል እንኳ አናውቅም። ተስፋ ግን በልባችን ሞልቶ ተርፎአል። ስለዚህም ሰዎች በተስፋ ይኖራሉ። ሰዎች
በተስፋ አሻግረው ያልማሉ። ሰዎች በተስፋ እርቀው ይጓዛሉ…

ደጋግሜ እንደገለፅኩት አንዳርጋቸው ከነሙሉ ችግሮቹ ብርቱ ሰው ነበር። አንዳርጋቸው አደጋ ላይ
በመውደቁ ኢትዮጵያውያን “የአንድነት ሃይል” ፖለቲከኞች ትልቅ ሰው ጎድሎባቸዋል። ርግጥ ነው፣ ከአንዳርጋቸውጋር ስናወጋ የኦሮሞ ጉዳይ ከተነሳ ተግባብተን አናውቅም። አንዳርጋቸው በያዘው የፖለቲካ አቋም ከሰፊው የኦሮሞ
ህዝብ ደጋፊ ሊያገኝ እንደማይችል መናገሬም አልቀረ። በተለያዩ ፅሁፎች የማንፀባርቀውን አቋም አነሳ ነበር። አንድ
ጊዜ በወግ መሃል፣

“የታሪክ እስረኛ ላለመሆን ምኒልክ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ላይ ለፈፀመው ግፍ ይቅርታ ጠይቃችሁ አጀንዳውን
ለመዝጋት ለምን አትሞክሩም?” ብዬ ጠይቄው በአነጋገሬ በጣም መቆጣቱን አስታውሳለሁ።

አንዳርጋቸው ለአማራ ብቻ ሳይሆን፣ ለትግራዩም፣ ለኦሮሞውም በአጠቃላይ ለመላ ኢትዮጵያውያን
የሚጠቅም የፖለቲካ መስመር ተከትያለሁ ብሎ በጥብቅ ያምናል። ለነገሩ ወያኔም እንዲሁ ይላል። ኢህአፓም
ይህንኑ ይላል። ሞአ-አንበሳ እንኳ በአቅሟ የዘውድ መመለስ ለኢትዮጵያ አንድነት ፍቱን መፍትሄ መሆኑን
ትሰብካለች። ፈላስፋው ዘርአያእቆብ እንደጠየቀን ‘ሁሉም የኔ መስመር ትክክል ነው’ የሚል ከሆነ ‘በዚህ መካከል
ማነው ፈራጅ?’ የሚል ጥያቄ ይነሳል። ምላሹ ቀላል ነበር። ፈራጅ ሊሆን የሚችለው ህዝብ ነው። የምንመፃደቅበት
ህዝብ ግን የሚሻለውን የመምረጥ እድል አላገኘም…

ሌላ ቀን ደግሞ እንዲሁ ከአንዳርጋቸው ጋር ስንጨዋወት እንዲህ አለኝ፣

“የወያኔ መውደቅ የማይቀር ነው። ከወያኔ መውደቅ በሁዋላ በአገሪቱ ሊፈጠር የሚችለው ክፍተትና
መለያየት ግን በጣም ያሳስበኛል። ከባድ ፈተና ከፊታችን ተደቅኖአል። ለብሄርና ለቋንቋ ጥያቄዎች አጥጋቢ መልስ
መስጠት ይጠበቃል። ከፊታችን የተደቀኑትን ቋጥኝ ጥያቄዎች ለመመለስ የሚያበቃ በቂ ዝግጅት አለን ለማለት ግን
እቸገራለሁ። ችግሩ ምን መሰለህ? መሬት ላይ የሚሰራው ስራ ከፕሮፓጋንዳው ጋር አልተመጣጠነም።
ፕሮፓጋንዳው መቅደሙ አደገኛ ነው።”

አንዳርጋቸው ይህን መሰረታዊ ችግር የሚዳስስና መፍትሄ የሚያስቀምጥ አዲስ መፅሃፍ በመፃፍ ላይ ነበር።
የመፅሃፉን ርእስ “ነፃነትን የማያውቅ ነፃአውጪ – ክፍል ሁለት” እንዳለውም ነግሮኝ ነበር። የመጀመሪያው “ክፍል
አንድ” መፅሃፍ፣ የአርትኦት ስራ ያስፈልገው ስለነበር፣ በአጫጭር አረፍተነገሮችና በቀላል አማርኛ እንድነካካው
ጠይቆኝ በትርፍ ጊዜዬ እያገዝኩት ነበር። ሁለቱንም መፃህፍት አንድ ላይ የማሳተም አሳብ ነበረው።

ወያኔ አንዳርጋቸውን የመን ላይ አሸምቀው እንደያዙት የሰማሁ ቀን በድንጋጤ ደንዝዤ ነበር። ማመን
አቃተኝ። አንዳርጋቸው ከአራት አመታት በላይ ወደ ኤርትራ ሲመላለስ የሱዳንና የየመንን አየር መንገዶች ተጠቅሞ
እንደማያውቅ አውቃለሁ። እኔ አልፎ አልፎ የየመንን መንገድ እንደምጠቀም ስለሚያውቅ፣ “ተው፣ አትመናቸው”
ብሎ ጭምር መክሮኛል። የመን ላይ ‘መንግስት አለ’ ለማለት እንደማይቻል አንዳርጋቸው እያወቀ ምን ሊሆን የመን
ሄደ? ያልተመለሰ ጥያቄ ሆነብኝ።

ዜናውን ስሰማ የተደበላለቀ አሳብ ወደ አእምሮዬ መጣ። ሊሆን የማይችል ጥርጣሬ ነገሮች ጭምር
ረበሹኝ። ዜናውን በሰማሁበት ደቂቃ ስንቱን አወጣሁ፤ ስንቱን አወረድኩ። ማን ዘንድ ደውዬ ማንን እንደምጠይቅ
ግራ ገባኝ። በመጨረሻ ወደ አንዳርጋቸው ዘመዶች እየበረርኩ ሄድኩ።

አስመራ ላይ አንዳርጋቸው “ዘመዶች” አሉት። የስጋ ዘመዶቹ አይደሉም። አዲስአበባ ጎረቤቶቹ የነበሩ
ናቸው። ነገሩ እንኳ ከጉርብትና በላይ ነው። አንዳርጋቸው ወጣት የኢህአፓ አባል ሆኖ ሲንቀሳቀስ የደርግ አፋኞች
ሊገድሉት ያሳድዱት ነበር። ወንድሙንና አንድ ኤርትራዊ ጓደኛውን ጎዳና ላይ ሲረሽኑበት አንዳርጋቸው የሚገባበት
ቀዳዳ አልነበረውም። በዚህ ችግር መሃል፣ የእናቱ ጓደኛ የነበረች አንዲት ኤርትራዊት ሴት አንዳርጋቸውን ወደ
አስመራ በመውሰድ ከመኖሪያ ቤቷ ሸሸገችው። ስድስት ወራት ከቤት ሳይወጣ ከቆየ በሁዋላ ያቺ ሴት የሃሰት
መታወቂያ አውጥታለት፣ ትንሹን አንዳርጋቸው እንደ ገበሬ አልብሳ ወደ ገጠር በመውሰድ ለሻእቢያ አስረከበችው።
ሻእቢያ አንዳርጋቸውን በሱዳን በኩል ሸኘው። ከዚያም አንዳርጋቸው ወደ ለንደን አቀና። አንዳርጋቸው መፅሃፉን
ሲፅፍ የመፅሃፉን መታሰቢያ ከሰጣቸው መካከል ጓደኛው የነበረ የእነዚሁ የኤርትራውያኑ ልጅ የነበረ ነው። ይህን
የተከበረ ቤተሰብ አንዳርጋቸው ወስዶ አስተዋውቆኝ ነበር። ስድስት ወራት የተደበቀባትን ክፍል ጭምር
አይቻለሁ። አንዳርጋቸው ይህን ቤተሰብ እንደ ስጋ ዘመዱ ያያል። እነርሱም አንዳርጋቸውን ሲያዩ በደርግ የተረሸነ
ሟች ወንድማቸውን ያስታውሳሉ።

እንግዲህ አንዳርጋቸው የመን ላይ መያዙን ስሰማ ወደ እነዚህ ሰዎች ነበር የበረርኩት። እንደደረስኩ
የግቢውን በር ደበደብኩ። አንዲት ሴት ብቅ አለች። አላውቃትም። እንግዳ ሳትሆን አትቀርም። ማንን እንደምፈልግ
ነገርኳት። የፈለግሁዋት ሴት እንደሌለች ነገረችኝ። እና የእጅ ስልኳን ሰጠችኝ። ደወልኩ። የምፈልጋት ሴት ስልኩን
አነሳች። ማን እንደሆንኩ ከነገርኳት በሁዋላ፣

“ስለ አንዳርጋቸው ሰማሽ?” ስል ጮህኩ።
“አልሰማሁም። ምን ሆነ?” ስትል እሷም ጮኸች።
“አሁኑኑ ነይ። እነግርሻለሁ…”

ከአስር ደቂቃ በሁዋላ እዚያው ከቤታቸው በራፍ ላይ ቁጭ ብለን የሰማሁትን ሁሉ ነገርኳት። ቃል
መተንፈስ እንኳ ተቸገረች። ትንፋሿ ቆሞ ድርቅ ብላ ቆየች። በመጨረሻ ግን ጥቂት ጥያቄ አዘል ቃላት ተናገረች፣

“በየመን በኩል ለምን እንደመጣ አልገባኝም? በየመንያ እንደማይጠቀም ከዚህ በፊት ነግሮኝ ነበር?”

በመቀጠል ከአንዳርጋቸው “ዘመዶች” ወደሌላው ደወልኩ። ተገናኝተን ስናወጋ ዜናውን ሰምቶ ነበር
የጠበቀኝ። ግራ ተጋብቶ ነበር። ግራ በተጋባ ስሜትም፣

“አንዳርጋቸው ከለንደን ሲነሳ ደውሎልኝ ነበር።” አለኝ። አያያዘና አከለበት፣ “…ትኬቱ በኤርትራ አየር
መንገድ ከዱባይ በቀጥታ ወደ አስመራ የተቆረጠ ነበር። ለምን በየመን በኩል እንደቀየረው አልገባኝም?”

አንዳርጋቸው ከየመን ወደ አዲሳባ መዛወሩን እስከሰማሁባት እለት የነበሩት ቀናት ለኔ እጅግ አስጨናቂ
ነበሩ። ወሬው አስመራን አዳርሶ ነበር። ፖለቲካ የማይከታተሉ ሰዎች ሳይቀሩ የአንዳርጋቸውን ስም እያነሱ ሲነጋገሩ
ሰማሁ። የኔና የአንዳርጋቸውን መቀራረብ የሚያውቁ እየደወሉ ይጠይቁኝ ነበር። አንዳርጋቸውን በፖለቲካ አቋሙ
የሚቃወሙት የኦነግ ከፍተኛ አመራር አባላት ጭምር በየመን ድርጊት ክፉኛ ተቆጥተው ነበር። የኦነግ አመራር
ከመቆጣት አልፎ የመን ላይ ዛቻ የቀላለቀለ መግለጫ አወጣ። ዳሩ ግን ማንም ምንም ማድረግ በማይችልበት
ፍጥነት አንዳርጋቸው ተላልፎ ለወያኔ ተሰጥቶ ኖሮአል። ኦሮማይ!

አንዳርጋቸው እንዴት ከወያኔ እጅ ሊገባ እንደቻለ ዛሬም ድረስ ግልፅ መረጃ የለም። የተለያዩ መላ
ምቶችን እየሰማን፣ እያነበብን ቆይተናል። አንዳርጋቸውን በቅርብ ከሚያውቁት አንዱ እንደመሆኔ እኔም ካለኝ
መረጃ በመነሳት የራሴን ግምት መውሰዴ አልቀረም። የኔን ግምት ይፋ ከማድረጌ በፊት ሌሎች የሚሉትን
ለመስማት በሚል እስካሁን ድረስ በጉዳዩ ላይ ሳልፅፍ ቆይቼ ነበር። አሳማኝ መረጃ ሳይፃፍ ወይም ሳይገለፅ ጊዜው
ስለረዘመ እነሆ! እኔም የግል አስተያየቴን ለማኖር ወሰንኩ…

ኤልያስ ክፍሌ ethiopianreview ላይ የፃፈውን አንብቤያለሁ። ግንቦት 7 የኤልያስን መረጃና ትንታኔ
በደፈናው፣ “ውሸት” ሲል ማስተባበሉንም ተከታትያለሁ። ግንቦት 7 ከማስተባበል አልፎ አንዳርጋቸው እንዴት
ሊያዝ እንደበቃ መግለፅ አለመቻሉ ግን ማስተባበሉን ጎደሎ ያደርገዋል። ያም ሆኖ የኤልያስ ክፍሌ ዘገባ ለኔ
አሳማኝ አልነበረም። በተመሳሳይ ከአንዳርጋቸው መያዝ ጋር በተያያዘ ጥቂት ወሬዎችን ተከታትያለሁ።
ከሰማሁዋቸው መካከል፣

“አንዳርጋቸው ከዱባይ አስመራ በቀጥታ የሚወስደው የኤርትራ አየር መንገድ ትኬት ነበረው። ዱባይ
ላይ የኤርትራ አይሮፕላን ስላመለጠችው የየመንን ትኬት ገዛ።” የሚለው አንዱ ነው።

ለዚህ መረጃ ክብደት ልሰጠው አልቻልኩም። አንዳርጋቸው ተጨማሪ አንድ ቀን ዱባይ በማደር
የሚቀጥለውን የኤርትራ አይሮፕላን መጠቀም እየቻለ፣ እንዴት አስተማማኝ እንዳልሆነ በሚያውቀው የመኒያ
ለመጓዝ ይወስናል? አንዳርጋቸው በየመን አየር መንገድ የተጓዘው በግማሽ ቀን ውስጥ በራሱ ውሳኔ ብቻ ከሆነ፣
የወያኔና የየመን የፀጥታ ሰዎች በዚያችው ቅፅበት አንዳርጋቸውን ለማፈን መቀናጀት ችለዋል ብሎ ማመን
ይቸግራል። የመሆን እድሉ በጣም አናሳ ነው። ለንደንም ሆነ አስመራ የሚገኙ የአንዳርጋቸው ዘመዶች የማያውቁት
አንድ ጉዳይ ያለ ይመስላል። በርግጥም አንድ ምስጢር ሊኖር እንደሚችል እጠረጥራለሁ።

ነገሩ ወዲህ ነው…

በአንድ ወቅት ግንቦት 7 ከነ ነአምን ዘለቀ እና ከአንድ የሆነ የአፋር ድርጅት ጋር ውህደት ነገር
መፈፀማቸውን በዜና ነግረውን ነበር። ከውህደቱ በሁዋላ ብዙም የተወራ ነገር ሳይኖር ነገሩ ተድበሰበሰ። ነአምን
ዘለቀ ከግንቦት 7 ጋር አብሮ ሲሰራ ስመለከት ግን አፋሮቹም ሆነ እነ ነአምን ጠቅልለው ግንቦት 7 ውስጥ ገብተዋል
የሚል ግምት ወስጄ ነበር። የአንዳርጋቸው የመያዝ ሂደት ከዚያ ሳይጀምር አልቀረም።

አንዳርጋቸው ከአፋሮቹ የፖለቲካ ድርጅት ጋር ግንኙነቱን አጥብቆ ቀጥሎ እንደነበር አውቃለሁ። ምን
እንደሚሰራ ግን ፈፅሞ ነግሮኝ አያውቅም። በመካከሉ ሆላንድ ሳለሁ ከግንቦት 7 ሰዎች በኩል የሾለከ የሚመስል
ወሬ ሰማሁ። ይህም ወሬ ለስራ ተብሎ 30 ሺህ ዶላር ተሰጥቶት ወደ የመን የተላከ አንድ አፋር የመሰወሩ ወሬ
ነበር። ወሬው በሰፊው የተሰራጨ አልነበረም። እጅግ በጣም ጠባብ በሆነ ቀዳዳ ነበር የሰማሁት። ይህ ወሬ
ሲመዘን ተራ ወሬ ሊመስል ይችላል። አፋሩ ገንዘብ መያዙ በርግጥ መረጃውን ከፍ አድርጎታል። ከገንዘቡ በላይ ግን
“የመን” የሚለው መረጃ ክብደት ነበረው። ግንቦት 7 የመን ላይ ትኩረት ማድረጉ ትልቅ መረጃ ነበር። አፋሩ
የመን-ሰንአ ሲደርስ ተሰወረ። ከዳ ወይስ ተያዘ? አይታወቅም። ከድቶም ሆነ ተይዞ ወያኔ እጅ ገብቶ ሊሆን
እንደሚችል ግን መገመት ይቻል ነበር። ይህ ከሆነ የግንቦት 7ን የተደበቀ ፍላጎት ወያኔ አውቆአል ማለት ነው።

ግንቦት 7 ምን እንደሚፈልግ ወያኔ ካወቀ፤ የግንቦት 7ን ፍላጎት ለማጥመጃ ሊጠቀምበት ይችላል። ቀላል
ጉዳይ አይደለም። ግንቦት 7 የመን ላይ ምንድነው የፈለገው? ከስደተኞች መካከል ታጋዮችን መመልመል?
የተመለመሉትን ደግሞ ወደ ተከዜ በረሃ ማሻገር? ይህን ስራ ለማከናወን ብዙ ገንዘብ ይጠይቃል። ውድ ነው።
ከሁሉም በላይ ግን ይህን ስራ ለመስራት የሚችል፣ አላማ ያለው ብቁ ሰው የመን ላይ ማግኘትን ይጠይቃል።

አፋሩ ገንዘብ ይዞ የመን ላይ ከተሰወረ በሁዋላ አንዳርጋቸው ተስፋ ቆርጦ ጉዳዩን ይተወዋል ተብሎ
አይገመትም። እንደገና ይሞክራል። ወያኔዎች በዚህ በአንዳርጋቸው ዳግማዊ ሙከራ ጊዜ የራሳቸውን ሰው የመን
ላይ አስቀምጠው አንዳርጋቸውን እንዲገናኘው አድርገው ይሆን? አንዳርጋቸው በረጅም ሂደት ወያኔዎች
ያዘጋጁለትን ሰው እንደራሱ ሰው በማመን ለግንቦት 7 አባልነት በምስጢር መልምሎት ይሆን? እና በረጅም ጊዜ
ሂደት አንዳርጋቸው ወያኔዎች ባዘጋጁለት ወጥመድ ውስጥ ሰተት ብሎ ገብቶላቸው ይሆን? ማለትም አንዳርጋቸው
እነዚያ አባላቱን ለማነጋገር፣ አሊያም ታጋዮቹን ወደ ተከዜ ለማሸጋገር እንዲቻል አንዳንድ ጉዳዮችን ለመፈፀም
በምስጢር የመን ገብቶ ለመውጣት ሞክሮ ይሆን?

ጥያቄዎቹ “አንዳርጋቸው እንዴት ተያዘ?” ለሚለው ጥያቄ ፍንጭ ሰጪ ሊሆኑ ይችላሉ። ቀጥተኛ መረጃ
ያለው አካል የተፈፀመውን በዝርዝር እስካልነገረን ድረስ ከምናውቀው በመነሳት ለመገመት እንገደዳለን።

ከዚህ ሁሉ በሁዋላ፣ “ወያኔዎች አንዳርጋቸውን ይዘው በማሰራቸው አተረፉ ወይስ ከሰሩ?” የሚል ጥያቄ
ይነሳል። የወያኔ ሰዎች “አተረፍን” እያሉ ነው። ማትረፍና መክሰራቸውን ለማየት በርግጥ ጥቂት ጊዜ መጠበቅ
ያስፈልግ ይሆናል። “አትርፈናል” ባዮች ከበሮ ሲደልቁ ሰምተናል። በአንዳርጋቸው መያዝ ቆሽቱ የደበነ ወገን፣ ነገ
በቁጣ ምን ሊፈፅም እንደሚችል አለመገመት የፖለቲካ የዋህነት ነው። እነ በቀለ ገርባ፣ እነ እስክንድር ነጋ፣ እነ
ኦልባና ሌሊሳ፣ እነ ኢንጂነር መስፍን አበበ (ራሶ)፣ እነ ጫልቱ ታከለ፣ እነ ኢብራሂም ሱልጣን፣ እነ ሰይድ አሊ፣ እነ
ፊፈን ጫላ፣ እነ ኮሎኔል ኦላኒ ጃሉ፣ እነ ውብሸት ታዬ፣ ዛሬም ድረስ እስርቤት ናቸው። አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ
ተጨምሮአል። ይህን ፅሁፍ እየጻፍኩ ሳለም በርካታ ነፃነት ጠያቂዎች እየታፈኑ ወደ እስር ቤት በመጓዝ ላይ ነበሩ።
እስርቤት የተወረወሩትን ዜጎች በቀን 24 ሰአት የሚያስታውስ በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠር ዜጋ በመላ ኢትዮጵያ አለ።

በደል ሲበዛ ወደ በቀል ይለወጣል። ብዙውን ጊዜ ተበዳዮች ጉልበት ሲያገኙ የማመዛዘን ችሎታቸውን
ያጣሉ። በቀል ከመጣ ከደሙ ንፁህ የሆነውን ከተጠቃሚው መለየት ሳይቻል ጊሎቲኑ ከፊቱ ያገኘውን ሊበላ
እንደሚችል ከታሪክ በተደጋጋሚ አይተናል። ወያኔ አንዳርጋቸውና መስፍን አበበን በመሳሰሉ ታጋዮች ላይ
እየፈፀመ ባለው የማፈን ድርጊት ከህዝቡ መራር ቂም በማትረፍ ላይ ነው። ጭፍን ደጋፊዎቹ አደጋ ላይ
እንዲወድቁም አጋልጦ እየሰጣቸው ነው። በመሆኑም ወያኔ አትራፊ ስለመሆኑ ማረጋገጥ አይችልም።

የፅጌ ልጅ – አንዳርጋቸው ከጠላቶቹ እጅ ላይ ወድቆአል። በወያኔ ቴሌቪዥን ላይ ቀርቦም ጥቂት ቃላትን
ተናግሮአል። አንዳርጋቸው በጨካኝ ጠላቶቹ እጅ ላይ ወድቆ ሳለ የተናገራቸውን ቃላት በቀጥታ መውሰድ ወይም
ንግግሩን እንደ መረጃ ተጠቅሞ በዚያ ላይ አስተያየት መስጠት ተገቢ አለመሆኑን እረዳለሁ። ያም ሆኖ
አንዳርጋቸው በንግግሩ፣ “እኔን ተክቶ በረሃ የሚወርድ ሰው ማግኘት ይቸግር ይሆናል” አይነት አባባል መጠቀሙ
በተዘዋዋሪ የትግል ጥሪ ይመስለኛል። መስማት የሚፈልግ ካለ ይህን ሊሰማ ይችላል…

ርግጥ ነው አንዳርጋቸው ከተያዘ በሁዋላ በመላ አለም የሚገኙ “የአንድነት ሃይሎች” በቁጣ የተቃውሞ
ሰልፎችን አካሂደዋል። “አንዳርጋቸው ነኝ!” የሚል መፈክር ይዘውም ታይተዋል። “ሁላችንም አንዳርጋቸው ነን!”
የሚለው መፈክር ለአንዳርጋቸው ተገልብጦ ስድብ እንዳይሆንበት ግን እሰጋለሁ። “አንዳርጋቸው ነኝ!” ለማለት
ቢያንስ አንዳርጋቸው የሞከረውን ለመሞከር ቁርጠኛነትን ማሳየት ይጠይቃል። “ሁላችንም አንዳርጋቸው ነን!”
የሚለው አባባል በአፍ ብቻ ተንጠልጥሎ ከቀረ፣ እንደተለመደው የአንድ ሰሞን የዳያስፖራ ጫጫታ ሆኖ እንደ
ቀዳሚዎቹ መፈክሮች ይህም ከተረሳ ለአንዳርጋቸው ስድብ እንጂ ክብር ሊሆነው አይችልም።

የቅዳሜ ማስታወሻ – December 12, 2014 – Tesfaye Gebreab (Gadaa) – Email:


Andy Tsige (right) with Yemi Hailemariam and their children

Andargachew Tsige, known to his friends and family as Andy, is a British citizen from Ethiopia. He came to England as a political refugee in 1979. Now he’s back in Ethiopia, locked up and possibly enduring torture for being a political dissident, and the UK stands accused of not doing enough to help.

Tsige is the secretary general of Ginbot 7, an opposition group banned by the Ethiopian government. In 2009, he was sentenced to death at a trial held in Ethiopia in his absence for supposedly planning a coup. Then, in June this year, he was seized in Yemen, which has a security arrangement with Ethiopia. For two weeks, it seemed as though he had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Then, he emerged on Ethiopian state TV broadcasts, where it was revealed that he was being held in a secret detention facility. While he’s unlikely to face a rarely imposed death sentence, he is currently on death row.

In the first video released, he appears for a short time and looks fairly healthy. But in the second, screaming can be heard in the background (just after the one-minute mark), and Tsige, looking thin and exhausted, is presented as if he is making a confession. A narrator says, in a haltingly edited piece of propaganda, that Tsige has been working with neighboring Eritrea—which has a longstanding feud with Ethiopia—that he has been disrupting the “peace and economic growth of Ethiopia,” and that he has been “training various people and sending ammunition through Eritrean borders.” His lawyers are concerned that evidence obtained through torture will be used to justify the sentence imposed on him.

Since his arrest, a UK Foreign Office (FCO) spokesperson told me, Tsige has only seen the British ambassador to Ethiopia once. That was back in August. “We are deeply concerned about his welfare,” the spokesperson said. “We want consular access and are pressing for further access to him.” David Cameron has written to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn “to request regular consular access and his assurance that the death penalty will not be imposed.”

Despite this diplomatic action, a British citizen is languishing on death row based on evidence that could have been gained through torture, and there has been no public condemnation of Ethiopia’s actions. His advocates say it’s not good enough. Human rights charity Reprieve has initiated legal proceedings against the Foreign Office (FCO) for its failure to treat Tsige’s abduction as a serious breach of international law.


Andy Tsige is raising three children with Yemi Hailemariam, his girlfriend of ten years. All three children have written to Cameron to ask what he is doing to get their father out of prison. Cameron, though, will be treading carefully. Strategically located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a key ally to the West in the war on terror and has a close relationship with Britain. It is one of the main actors in the fight against Al Shabaab in Somalia. Ethiopia’s use of its anti-terrorism legislation to crack down on dissent of any kind is troubling. According to a recent Human Rights Watch report, Ethiopia has become a surveillance state. Press freedom is deteriorating, particularly in the run-up to elections next May.

When I put this to a source in Ethiopia’s ministry of foreign affairs, he insisted that grounds for concern over terrorism in the region were legitimate. “I don’t think it is so much Ethiopia using its strategic importance to do what it wants. The government does genuinely feel it is in the frontline against terrorism—and in terms of terrorist activity it has some cause—Al-Shabaab is in Somalia and trying to make moves into Ethiopia as well as Kenya, Uganda, and so on.”

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Ethiopia considers Ginbot 7 a terrorist group, and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn claimsthat “Andargachew Tsige is a Trojan horse for the Eritrean government to destabilize this country.” Eritrea is where the Ethiopian opposition groups meet, and any connection to Eritrea can be milked by the Ethiopian government. According to a recent report submitted to the UN’s Security Council by its Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, the Diplomatic missions and military officers of Eritrea are involved in the recruitment, training, and operational aspects of Ginbot 7.

But Ginbot 7 does not appear to be anything like Al-Shabaab. Its mission statement says that it is looking to establish a “national political system in which government power and political authority is assumed through peaceful and democratic process based on the free will and choice of citizens of the country.” Tsige’s family and lawyers insist that he is a peaceful man trying to stand up to an authoritarian regime.

My FCO spokesperson told me that more vocal lobbying is a “tool in our diplomatic arsenal,” to be used at the right moment. Old school diplomacy is still the order of the day, she said, and the British government’s public line may change depending on how the case goes. My Ethiopian foreign ministry source implies that this might be the right approach, citing the experience of Martin Schibbye and Johann Persson, two Swedish journalists who spent nearly a year in an Ethiopian prison on terror charges from 2011 to 2012. They “would have been released months earlier if the Swedish foreign ministry and Human Rights Watch hadn’t kept making loud public noises about ill treatment and human rights abuse,” he said.

Maybe that’s the cut and thrust of realpolitik, and the FCO is playing a savvy game. But a cynic might point out that there are grounds to believe that the British government’s approach is more about not showing up its ally than a desire to protect a British citizen.

Last year, internal documents from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) showed that millions of pounds of foreign aid money was set to fund the training of Ethiopian security forces in the Ogaden region, which has been accused of numerous human rights abuses and summary executions.

Then there’s a master’s program for Ethiopian security-sector officials, funded by DFID. A DFID document, still available online, reveals that places for Ethiopian officials on the “Executive Masters in Security Sector Management delivered to top and mid level military and civil servants in five cohorts” at Cranfield University, were set to be funded by the department up until 2017. The course has since been closed due to “concerns about risk and value for money.” I’m sure this is totally unrelated to any embarrassment that Tsige’s case might cause DFID. Despite the cancelation, the question remains: Can the British government be expected to stand up for Tsige while it is funding Ethiopia’s oppressive anti-terror operation?

Yemi Hailemariam, Andy’s long-term girlfriend, is worried that the father of her children will continue to suffer. “There needs to be clarity in the message the British government is sending to Ethiopia. They need to tell them, ‘This is our citizen. Please give him back,’” she said. Tsige’s lawyers, from the legal charity Reprieve, are just as concerned. Maya Foa, head of their death penalty team, said, “It beggars belief that the UK Government is not doing more to get him back.”

Tsige’s family are trying to hold themselves together. “I don’t feel at all confident about him coming back. I try not to think about it because when I do, I fall to pieces,” Yemi told me. Whatever happens, he “will be expected to ask for a pardon,” sources close to the case in Ethiopia tell me. If he does this, his death sentence will be replaced with a life sentence in prison, perhaps less. In a country that emphasizes security over human rights, and with the British intent on maintaining an important strategic and economic alliance, it may just be the best he can hope for.

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David Cameron writes to Ethiopian PM on behalf of British political dissident on death row

Andargachew “Andy” Tsege, a critic of the Ethiopian regime, was kidnapped in Yemen.

The Independent


The Prime Minister has personally intervened in the case of a British father-of-three facing the death sentence in Ethiopia, after the man’s children appealed for his help.

David Cameron wrote to the Ethiopian Prime Minister in a bid to save the life of Andargachew “Andy” Tsege, 59, whose plight was revealed by The Independent last Friday.

His actions were in response to what he described as “very touching messages” from Mr Tsege’s children, who are calling for the Prime Minister to help get their father home.

Mr Tsege, who came to Britain as a political refugee in 1979, was arrested at an airport in Yemen in June and promptly vanished. Two weeks later it emerged he had been sent to Ethiopia, where he has been imprisoned ever since. The Briton, a prominent opponent of the Ethiopian regime, is facing a death sentence imposed five years ago at a trial held in his absence.

Menabe, his seven-year-old daughter, recently wrote to Mr Cameron asking him to help get her “kind, loving and caring dad” out of prison. Her twin brother, seven-year-old Yilak, simply asked: “What are you doing to get my dad out of jail?” Mr Tsege’s 15-year-old daughter, Helawit, summed up the mood of the family in her letter: “Please, please, please (!) bring him back soon. We miss him so much.”

The 59-year-old sought asylum in Britain in 1979 after being threatened by Ethiopian authorities over his political beliefs (Reprieve)

Responding to the children’s appeals, the Prime Minister claimed the government is taking the case “very seriously”. In the letter to Yemi Hailemariam, Mr Tsege’s partner and mother of their children, Mr Cameron admitted “Ethiopian authorities have resisted pressure” from British officials to have regular “access” to Mr Tsege.

“As a result of the lack of progress to date I have now written personally to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to request regular consular access and his assurance that the death penalty (which the British Government opposes in all circumstances) will not be imposed,” he added. “I very much hope that there will be further progress to report in response to my letter,” he concluded.

Responding to the news yesterday, Maya Foa, head of the death penalty team at legal charity Reprieve, commented: “The Prime Minister says he is ‘concerned’ – but where is the outrage at this flagrant breach of international law, and the ongoing abuse of a British citizen?”

She added: “Andy’s small children are terrified of losing their father, his partner is desperate with worry, and we are no closer to seeing Andy released and returned to safety. Enough delays – we need firm action now to bring him home to London.”

Tsege was arrested during a two-hour stop over in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a (EPA)

Reprieve has begun legal moves which could result in a judicial review to force Foreign Office officials to press for Mr Tsege’s immediate release and return to Britain – something which the Government has resisted to date. A letter to Treasury Solicitors, sent last week by lawyers acting for the charity, argues: “Far from not being ‘entitled’ to request his return, the UK Government has every reason to do so and we urge you to exercise that power as a matter of urgency.”

Meanwhile, Mr Tsege’s family remain in limbo. The past four months have been “agonising” said Ms Hailemariam. “Waking up every day not knowing where Andy is or how he’s being treated is taking a terrible toll on my children and myself.” She added: “The Prime Minister has told our family that he is taking action, but it seems like next to nothing is being done to get Andy back. The children and I need him here with us in London. The Government must demand his return, before it’s too late.” 

British Government using taxpayer’s money to train Ethiopia’s security forces while British man is held there on death row

Exclusive: The 59-year-old sought asylum in Britain in 1979 after being threatened by Ethiopian authorities over his political beliefs


The Government is using taxpayers’ money to train security forces in Ethiopia who are currently holding a British father of three on death row, The Independent has learnt.

Andargachew “Andy” Tsege, from London, was seized at an airport in Yemen on 23 June and resurfaced in Ethiopian detention two weeks later, in what his family believe was part of a political crackdown by the country’s government ahead of next year’s elections.

The 59-year-old sought asylum in Britain in 1979 after being threatened by Ethiopian authorities over his political beliefs. He has since been an outspoken critic of the country’s government and was sentenced to death in absentia in 2009 following a mass trial – a punishment which his family fear may now be carried out.

According the legal charity Reprieve, which has taken up Mr Tsege’s case, torture is common in Ethiopian prisons at the hands of security staff, who have been known to employ methods such as electrocution, beatings with rifle butts and the tying of bottles of water to men’s testicles.

In 2012, the UK Government agreed to spend £2 million over five years to fund a series of master’s degrees in “Security Sector Management” for 75 Ethiopian officials. In supporting documents, the Department for International Development (DfID) said the country’s police and defence forces were “considered amongst the best in the region in terms of effectiveness and with regards to human rights”.

The 59-year-old sought asylum in Britain in 1979 after being threatened by Ethiopian authorities over his political beliefsThe 59-year-old sought asylum in Britain in 1979 after being threatened by Ethiopian authorities over his political beliefs (Reprieve)
In a letter to International Development Secretary Justine Greening, seen by The Independent, Reprieve’s legal director Tineke Harris said it was “extremely worrying that UK taxpayers’ money appears to be supporting Andy’s ill-treatment at the hands of Ethiopian officials”. INSERT: Reprieve wrote to Ms Greening that “torture is common in Ethiopian prisons at the hands of security staff, who have been known to employ methods such as electrocution, beatings with rifle butts and the tying of bottles of water to men’s testicles”, INSERT: Ms Greening replied in a letter highlighting “the part of the DFID programme working to improve the accountability of Ethiopia’s security and justice services” and stating that “a key focus is human rights”.

In her reply, Ms Greening said  that Mr Tsege’s welfare was of “great concern” to the Government, adding that DfID’s work was “carefully designed and robustly monitored”. But his partner of nine years, Yemi Hailemariam, said she had “serious problems” with the Government INSERT: indirectly funding the training of Ethiopian security forces.

“In principle, the idea of teaching them to be accountable is a very good thing – but in practice, if they are not doing that, then what are you funding? Something, somewhere is wrong,” she said.

Reprieve wrote to International Development Secretary Justine Greening, telling her that it was extremely worrying that UK taxpayers’ money appears to be supporting Andy’s ill-treatmentReprieve wrote to International Development Secretary Justine Greening, telling her that it was extremely worrying that UK taxpayers’ money appears to be supporting Andy’s ill-treatment (Getty Images)
Maya Foa, strategic director of Reprieve’s death penalty team, said: “British taxpayers will be shocked to learn that they have been funding training for the very same Ethiopian security officials who are likely to be responsible for the unlawful kidnap and incommunicado detention of an innocent British citizen.

“Andy Tsege has now spent over three months in secret detention, subject to probable torture, and without access to a lawyer, his family or proper consular assistance. On top of that, he is under sentence of death. His family in London is desperately worried. , the Government should be doing all it can to ensure Andy is returned home without delay.”

Mr Tsege’s family have not seen or heard from him since he was detained in Yemen, while the British Ambassador to Ethiopia has been allowed to visited him only once in prison, on 11 August. Mr Tsege was recently paraded on the country’s state television appearing thin and exhausted, when he was said to have “confessed” to various charges.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said: “The British Embassy in Ethiopia remains in contact with the Ethiopian authorities about regular consular access to Mr Tsege in the future so that we are able to continue to monitor his welfare. We also continue to press for reassurances that the death sentence previously imposed on him in absentia will not be carried out.”

The Independent : The description of the Ethiopian master’s courses – and the supporting documents – no longer appears on the DfID’s website.

DfID said : to the Independent, when asked to comment on the content of Reprieve’s letter to the Secretary of State for International Development, that while it was funding the courses, the money did not go directly to the police. “Not a penny of our funding goes to Ethiopia’s police or security sector,” a spokesperson said. “We work with independent agencies like UNICEF to make the security and justice sector fairer and more accountable, for instance helping women and girls get better access to justice.”

አርበኞች ግንባር፣ ግንቦት 7 እና የአዲሃን ወደውህደት የሚያደርሳቸውን ውይይት ሊጀምሩ ነው

(ዘ-ሐበሻ) የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ አርበኞች ግንባር፣ ግንቦት 7 የፍትህ የነፃነትና የዲሞክራሲ ንቅናቄ እንዲሁም የአማራ ዲሞክራሲ ሃይሎች ንቅናቄ ወደ ውህደት የሚያደርሳቸውን ውይይት ሊጀምሩ መሆኑን ለዘ-ሐበሻ በላኩት መግለጫ አስታወቁ።
“የወያኔውን ዕድሜ ለማሳጠር በአንድነት እንሰራለን” በሚል ድርጅቶቹ በጋራ ባወጡት መግለጫ “ኢትዮጵያንና ሕዝቧን ካሉባት አዘቅት በማውጣት ሕዝቡ የስልጣን ባለቤት የሚሆንበትን ሁኔታ ለማመቻቸት የጋራ ትግልና መስዋዕትነት የግድ የሚለን ድረጃ መድረሳችንን የወያኔውን ቡድን ነፍጥ አንስተን እየተፋለምን ያለን ድርጅቶች ተጣንሪባ አንድ ሆኖ መታገል እንዳለብን ካመንን አመታትን አስቆጥረናል” ብለዋል።
ሙሉ መግለጫው የሚከተለው ነው