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Britain urged Ethiopia for assurance that Andargachew Tsige will not be executed

By Press Association


The Ethiopian government has been pressed to provide guarantees that a British national facing the death penalty will not be executed.

Political activist Andargachew Tsige has been detained in Ethiopia for six weeks following his removal from Yemen and denied consular access from British officials, the Foreign Office said.

He is secretary general of the banned Ginbot 7 movement, with reports stating he was sentenced to death in his absence in 2009 for plotting a coup – charges he and others denied.

Demeke Atnafu, charge d’affaires at the Ethiopian embassy in the UK, was summoned to the Foreign Office to meet Africa Minister Mark Simmonds.

In a statement, the Foreign Office said: “Mr Simmonds expressed deep concern that the Ethiopian authorities had not allowed consular access to Mr Andargachew Tsige, a British national who has now been detained in Ethiopia for six weeks after being removed from Yemen.

“Mr Simmonds asked the charge to urge his government to deliver on previous commitments to provide consular access without further delay and to provide assurances that they do not intend to carry out the death penalty imposed in absentia.”

Amnesty International says Ethiopian opposition leader Mr Tsige disappeared at Sana’a airport in Yemen while travelling between the United Arab Emirates and Eritrea in June.

They have asked the Ethiopian authorities to guarantee he is not tortured or ill-treated.


UK summons Ethiopian diplomat over opposition official’s arrest



LONDON (Reuters) – Britain summoned Ethiopia’s chargé d’affaires on Monday to raise its concerns about the arrest of a British national being held in Ethiopia who has been sentenced to death over his involvement with an opposition political group.

Andargachew Tsige was sentenced to death in 2009 in absentia and another trial handed him life behind bars three years later. He was arrested in Yemen earlier this year and extradited to Ethiopia. [ID:nL6N0PK3GT]

On Monday, Britain summoned one of Ethiopia’s top diplomats in London to meet Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds, who expressed “deep concern” that Andargachew had not been granted access to the British consulate.

“Mr Simmonds asked the chargé to urge his government to deliver on previous commitments to provide consular access without further delay, and to provide assurances that they do not intend to carry out the death penalty imposed in absentia,” a statement from the Foreign Office said.

Andargachew, secretary-general of the Ginbot 7 group, was among 20 opposition figures and journalists charged with conspiring with rebels, plotting attacks and attempting to topple the government.

(Reporting by William James; Editing by Andrew Osborn)

Petitioning Rt Hon David Cameron MP Bring Andargachew Tsige Back to the UK

Change. Org

By Joy Schendledecker

Yemi Hailemariam Wife of Andargachew Tsige speaks…: http://youtu.be/1_5fUW53XzU

London- Andargachew Tsige, UK citizen, father of three, and Secretary-general of Ethiopian opposition party-in-exile Gimbot 7, is being held illegally in an undisclosed location in Ethiopia without access to the UK Consul, legal counsel, or family. He was imprisoned and tortured in 2005, and tried in absentia and sentenced to death in 2009, for his political activities towards a just and democratic government. The current government in Ethiopia has an ongoing record of human rights abuses against its own people including forced relocation, rape, torture, and murder.

The highest levels of the UK government are responsible for doing all they can to ensure the safety and fair treatment under international law of their citizens, but at this time efforts to repatriate Andargachew have failed and the response at all levels of government have been lackluster at best.

Every day that Andargachew spends in Ethiopia increases his risk of ill-treatment, torture, and execution. His wife and children are deeply worried that they may never see him again. As a close friend of theirs, I want to do everything I can to pressure David Cameron and William Hague to pull out all the stops and insist that the Ethiopian government release and return Andargachew to his home in London in good health, immediately.

Letter to:
Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Bring Andargachew Tsige Back to the UK

California Congressman demands the release of Andargachew Tsige



WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Monday urged Ethiopia’s prime minister to release Andargachew Tsige, a native-born opposition leader with British citizenship who last month was extradited to the African nation from Yemen under questionable circumstances.

In a letter to Prime Minister Hailemarian Desalegn, the California Republican wrote: “Mr. Andargachew is a British citizen and a leader for political reform in Ethiopia. He should be released and allowed to return to his family immediately. Any maltreatment or harm to him, or other prodemocracy activists, in your country only serves to widen the gap between our two countries.”

Andargachew was traveling from Dubai to Eritrea on June 23 when, stopping over in Yemen, he was forcibly flown back to Ethiopia, which he fled in 2005 following protests of the nation’s elections. He was granted asylum in Britain, where his wife currently lives. British officials have expressed concerns that his extradition was not properly handled.

The activist was charged with terrorism and sentenced to death in absentia. In his letter to the Ethiopian prime minister, Rohrabacher added concerns from the United States.

His letter can be accessed here: >> http://rohrabacher.house.gov/media-cent … n-leader-0