The Secret Agreement between the British and TPLF on Andargachew Tsige


TPLF led government announced the detention of Andargachew Tsigie after it struck a deal with UK government that it will not upheld the death sentence rendered in abstencia and it also promised that the British government could provide its ”citizen” counselor support! This is very unsettling deal as the UK government gave TPLF led government carte blanche to do whatever it wants with him as long it didn’t carry out the death sentence. In the last two weeks, the Ethiopian opposition icon went through various torture methods ranging from sleep deprevation to chemically induced pains to break the spirit of the Ethiopian opposition icon. Such practices were routinely used by former East German secrete police know as –STASI-.

As it is well known, Derge regime built its security apparatus with the help of East Germans and TPLF led government kept the department intact and untill this day , it uses all those inhuman tactics to break the spirit of opposition figures who fell in its merciless hands.

TPLF government is in the process of producing a documentary film on Andargachew Tsgie and its findings from his laptop and interrogation carried out under duress! The documentry will be utilized to target many opposition figures. It has already started detaining many opposition figures claiming that it has acquired evidences from Andargachew laptop that they were communicating with G7 leadership!

Going forward, what is expected from Ethiopians to reverse UK government’s discreet deal with TPLF government on Andargachew Tsegie during his detention?

• Ethiopians in UK should immediately hire heavy weight lawyers to levy charge against UK government for failing to uphold the rights of its citizen in good standing. UK has 300 million pound leverage on TPLF led government and its failure to exercise such leverage to save its own citizen is morally and legally wrong and only heavy weight lawyers could bring the government to its knees. The cost involved is very hefty and Ethiopians worldwide should shoulder the responsibility of footing the bill!!

• In addition to holding demonstrations in front of UK and Yemeni government embassies and councils, all participants should at least make numerous calls and faxes to those offices to create chaotic work environment. This type of protest has been proven to be more effective than holding a simple chanting demonstrations!!